Levels and Stages


There are 4 stages throughout the abacus course: Starters, Movers, Masters and Genius. Starters stage introduces children to the abacus and the formulae, Movers stage involves simple addition and subtraction sums. Masters stage teaches children multiplication and division. Genius stage is where children can do complex addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums.   

Addition and subtraction skill is the foundation for all the progressing stages and this app aims to improve this particular skill set, so children will be able to progress through the stages in the classroom with ease.


There are 7 levels, with 2 levels in each stage, except for the Genius stage. The levels have increasingly complex oral sums and flashcards, so the levels increase by difficulty. Children can work to their appropriate level and capabilities.


Regular practice of oral sums and flashcards is proven to increase a child's performance in class drastically. Prior to the app, it was very difficult for children to practice these tools at home regularly, since it required parents to sit with their children. However, the app now allows children to work on their own and at a much higher frequency, leading to improved classroom performance. 

Children will get to the Genius level in oral sums and flashcards much faster than if they only had classroom practice. It usually takes children around 3 years to get to Genius level with only classroom practice, however with regular practice at home, children could reach this level in 1 year. 

The Track tool allows parents to check their child's progress regularly and allows them to progress onto further levels, if the parents think the child is ready. Therefore, the child can go at the pace that is appropriate for them.